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This Book Will Tell You……“What You Need To Know About Leaky Gut”

The Gut Connection – Missing Piece to Resolving Chronic Health Conditions comes from 37 years of clinical experience with thousands of patients who have regained their health using the natural protocols Dr. Springer shares in these pages. Often, these protocols were successful for patients after they had struggled for years only “managing” their chronic health problems with other approaches that had fallen short

The Gut Connection offers the reader a “down-to-earth” understanding of how more than 30 chronic health conditions evolve directly from leaky gut, substantiates these findings with published medical science and provides a proven, natural approach that goes beyond bone broth and probiotics.

The Gut Connection offers light at the end to those who may be feeling hopeless about their health by introducing them to “real” patients, with many of the same conditions, sharing stories of their personal journey throughout the book:

Real people like Joseph S. At age 13, Joseph was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He spent most of his early life on failed medications and a host of alternative therapies, leaving him dysfunctional and disabled. Resolving his leaky gut with the same protocols shared in The Gut Connection has given him a full life, freed of his diagnosis. He takes no medication, added 70 pounds of lean muscle to his previously frail 110-pound frame, and, in his 30’s, began dating for the first time.

Real people like Bonnie and Mike whose four-year-old son, Behr, had already been asked to leave several schools for uncontrolled aggressive behavior affecting every part of their lives with lurking fears of autism or other mental issues. Then, 18 months later, free of leaky gut and the immune, neurological and behavioral issues it was creating, Behr was transformed into a “normal” kid, reading at a second grade level in mainstream kindergarten.

The “Gut Connection” book is about transforming your life!

Jack Canfield
New York Times Bestselling Coauthor of The Success Principles™ and the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

“Our approach to chronic health conditions is undergoing a fundamental change away from just chasing Symptoms toward finding the CAUSE of the problem and empowering people to take control of their own health. In their book, The Gut Connection, Dr. Springer and Susan Bucci reveal the links between leaky gut syndrome and how it is the root cause of over 30 chronic health issues plaguing millions of people. …….. “”

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